Erie Rentals, Inc. only accepts tenants who pay rent on time, keep the leased premises clean, make no disturbances to neighbors in any way, and comply with the terms of the lease

Erie Rentals, Inc. complies with Fair Housing for all applicants. There will be no discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, source of income, or familial status.

All applicants will be required to comply with the following guidelines (February 2009)

  1. Complete and sign rental application with accurate information submitted with application fee.
  2. Applicants will have either a satisfactory credit report or may be required to pay an additional security deposit and/or add a co-signer, determined on a case by case basis. Recent negative credit history will affect eligibility than older negative credit history. Credit score evaluation: Excellent 750-850; Good 660-749; Fair 620-659; Poor 350-619.
  3. Women of childbearing age and children under the age of 6 may be required to produce recent blood lead level test results if rental was before 1978.
  4. Eligibility will be determined on various factors: age of applicant, job stability, length at prior residence, earning power/employment.
  5. Applicants with too many people for the apartment will be rejected. Generally, “2 people per bedroom” is the maximum. Older children of the opposite sex are not permitted to have the same bedroom.
  6. Applicants with pets are considered on an apartment by apartment basis and will be required to complete a Pet Questionnaire, sign a Pet Addendum, and pay an additional security deposit and rent.
  7. Applicants who are accepted must sign a lease and have renters insurance.
  8. Applicants may be rejected based on poor or no credit history, criminal history through criminal check, landlord references not properly supplied when checked through county reference system, poor housekeeping at prior residence, employment stability, disrespectful attitude or appearance, false or incomplete information on the application, past judgments, failure to sign the rental application, pets, insufficient cash on hand (or money order/certified check) to pay deposit and first month’s rent in advance.


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